About Hornet Racing

Hornet Racing is California State University-Sacramento's Formula SAE team. Formula SAE is an international, intercollegiate competition which challenges students to combine creative engineering and design with competitive business practices to build and race a purpose-built open-wheel formula style car.  

Mission Statement

Hornet Racing strives to produce the finest and most competitive Formula SAE race car in at least one of the seven international Formula SAE competitions every year. In doing so, we help to enrich our members’ learning experience beyond what they can obtain in the classroom through extensive hands-on design and manufacturing experience. We make every effort to include any and all students, including non-engineers, who are willing to participate, and to provide them with a constructive learning environment that will help to build the program and increase its knowledge base every year. We will accomplish those goals through honest hard work, dedication, teamwork, and effective communication.


In The Community

Hornet Racing is, first and foremost, an educational club that uses real world practices as a learning tool. As a thank you to our sponsors, donors, and continual community support we give back by sharing our accomplishments, experiences, and what we have learned with both children and adults. We go to various schools to teach kids about cars and inspire them to become future engineers. We also go to local community events to talk with other car enthusiasts about the technical achievements we have made while designing and manufacturing the car. We enjoy sharing what we have learned as much, or even more than making the car.



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