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Are you looking for a place on campus to supplement your education through real-world application? Join Hornet Racing! Here, we accept students of various educational backgrounds - Business, Communications, Engineering, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Physical and Natural Sciences! We always strive for growth and progress, and we'll always have a place for everyone!


Sign up now on our booth at Club Days, stop by Santa Clara Hall 1357, or simply click the button below!

General Meetings

When: Mondays @ 5 pm

Formula SAE room located in the Energy Lab, Santa Clara Hall 1357


2018 Car


TOP SPEED: 120 mph  ACCELERATION: 0-60 in 3.5 seconds  POWER: 63 hp at 13,500 rpm  TORQUE: 48.6 lb/ft @ 11,250 rpm  CORNERING: 2.2 G  WEIGHT: 460 lbs  ENGINE: 2008 Honda CBR600 RR  TRANSMISSION: 6 Speed Sequential w/ Pneumatic Paddle Shifter DIFFERENTIAL: Drexler Limited Slip  FRAME: Tubular Steel Space Frame  SUSPENSION: Double A-arm w/ Push Rods DAMPERS: Ohlins TTX25 TIRES: Hoosier 18 x 6.0 - 10, R25B  ELECTRONICS: Megasquirt 3 ECU DATA LOGGER: AIM 

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Hornet Racing is currently looking for new and exciting partners and sponsors for the 2019 Season. Click the link below to see how you can help give this winning team a push!!