Road to Lincoln IV


Just a few more weeks until competition, the Hornet 2018 race car is preparing for its unveiling. 


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 2.28.13 PM.png

A major difference from last year in electrical was being able to use a data logger to get information from track sessions like lap time, ECU connection to for tunes and sensors monitoring systems like wheel behavior. Simple mistakes like rushing and not paying attention can cause the car to fail, electrical helps keep it safe for the driver by making sure the system is reliable.


The cockpit control is where the driver goes to work and provides feedback for improvement to make the ride more driver friendly. This year we have modified the brake pedal, gas pedal, shifters and clutch lever. Our goals for the new brake system is to get more power in the brakes, lessen driver fatigue and having more trust in vehicle stopping power. A huge advantage are the paddle shifters making it seamless when going through gears. 


Another important component of the car is steering, which controls which way the car is going by one of our drivers. Our steering lead Grayson designs the system that controls the direction of the front wheels. Being one the drivers, Grayson pushes the car to its limit while also providing feedback when it comes to tuning and adjusting parts on the car like suspension.

Photography & Video: Chris Morairty, Victoria Boston