Road to Lincoln Pt. III

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Mid way through the semester and just a few months close to competition, our Hornet F18 is coming for top ten. 

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Aerodynamics keeps the car on the ground in terms of reducing wind and drag by controlling the air flow to help with downforce. Last year we were the fastest team without an aerodynamics package, this year we will be introducing Hornet Racing’s first ever full aero kit for the goal of top ten. Big thanks goes out to our aerodynamics team for their design and calculations when it came to adding this new edition to the F-18 Hornet. 

Check out our new livery concepts on Instagram as we decide which one to place on our 2018 race car. Senior Designer Todd Morrow of 2morrowdesign from the Bay Area has partnered with Hornet Racing in creating these awesome designs. The inspiration behind the livery comes from a Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter aircraft. Out of the three concepts, one will be chosen to represent Hornet Racing and bring it to life. Please be sure to follow Todd on Instagram: 2morrowdesign where you can view his work and car.  

Powertrain, essentially the heartbeat of the car. A major challenge this year was packaging the drivetrain to adjust our new suspension setup. The changes made from last year were refining the powertrain, engine stimulation, customizing internals, cylinder head modifications and being able to do more tuning at the dyno.

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Composites are when two different materials come together to form one. For our car, we used twill weave carbon fiber, with room temperature cure epoxy. We also used foam core for other parts of the car to be stiffer, like the seat. 

Photography & Video: Chris Morairty

Concept designs: Todd Morrow

Photo & Blog: Victoria Boston