Road to Lincoln pt. I


At Sacramento State there's a team dedicated to building a race car by applying concepts learned and working together to get the goal of top ten in competition. Hornet Racing is Sacramento State University's Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Team established in 1995 to design, manufacture and assemble a race car from the bottom up, by working together with each component of the car, managing time and meeting deadlines. 


The team consists of both male and female students from all disciplines who build, design and market a race car from the bottom up. They work throughout the year to get prepared to compete against over 100 universities in the SAE Collegiate Design Series in Lincoln, Nebraska. The events at competition are design, presentation, cost, acceleration, skidpad, autocross, endurance, and fuel efficiency. Experienced members lead, teach and motivate incoming members. If you have a passion for cars, there’s a spot for you. 


Last year we placed 16th overall, 13th in Autocross, 16th in design, 11th in cost, 13th in endurance and fastest non-aero against over 100 universities in the SAE Collegiate Design Series in Lincoln, Nebraska! Taking notes from last year, we have improved our car by redesigning our suspension, frame and introducing an all new efficient aerodynamics package. Top ten.  


This organization not only enhances engineering abilities, it also teaches time management, building relationships with the community and preparing us for the workforce upon graduating. If you enjoy building, hands on experience, motivating others, managing and creating you’ve stopped at the right spot. Think of us as a small business organization. 


This doesn’t come easy and takes over 10,000 hours of design, fabrication and testing each year. From time management to ensuring each part is designed efficiently, being able to make these decisions helps us apply it to real life situations.

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If you’re interested in engineering, business, media and design there’s a spot waiting. During rush week, we reach out to our Sacramento State students from all disciplines to join our organization. We also reach out to our local schools, sponsors, alumni’s, and car enthusiasts to join us at events held throughout the year. 

With the help of our awesome sponsors, we are able to reach our monetary goals and have access to parts and software for the build of our race car. Throughout the year we invite our sponsors to see our progress at events where we test our build and see our accomplishments made with their support. 

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Stay tuned for events and updates on Hornet Racing's race car in the Road to Lincoln.

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